Erinn Weekly -- January 6, 2012

ANNOUNCE 1/6/2012 11:19:23 AM

Dunbarton Adventurer's Association, January 6, 2012

It's a new year in Erinn, and Mabinogi is up and running and ready to fill 2012 with excitement! Soar into all that's coming on the back of an Ice Dragon, available through January 12. While you're there, pick up a Gachapon Gift Box and open it to receive a present, like a mount, costume, robe, and more! Head to the Mabinogi Winter Events to participate in the last leg, and be sure to check out the holiday-themed CyberGame-sponsored forum event, highlighted in this week's Community Spotlight. Stick with Erinn Weekly for all the details of the week's events.

Please note that there has been unplanned Maintenance for the Nexon billing server which has shut down the Vindictus Supply Depot. Get the details here.


Last Chance: Ice Dragon

Have you taken to the skies on the back of Erinn's newest flying pet? If not, there's still time! Head to the Web Shop to pick up your Ice Dragon, available through January 12.


Mabinogi Winter Events

The new year has arrived in Erinn, but the festivities of the holiday season carry on! Check out the Snowman and Shaved Ice Events, happening through January 12. Rewards can include a Reindeer Whistle, shaved ice hat, and more!

Get into the spirit!

Gachapon Gift Boxes

The holiday season may have passed, but it's not too late to get some present-filled stockings! Head to the Web Shop and pick up your Gachapon gift box, full of goodies like mounts, costumes, robes, and more!

Open yours today!

Community Spotlight

Solve the Mystery of CyberSanta

Something strange happened this past Christmas eve. According to intel from CyberGames, CyberSanta never returned to the north pole! To solve the mystery of what went down that silent night, CyberGames is accepting submissions of your suppositions. Tell your version of the story for a chance at an NX prize!

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