[PATCH NOTES] Ultimate Anime Summer: New Beginnings

ANNOUNCE 6/23/2014 9:03:29 PM

Mabinogi's Ultimate Anime Summer isn't just about awesome events and cool prizes—it's also marks the start of our New Beginnings revamp, where we'll be improving several systems and features.

Character Creation and Tutorial

  • Character Creation
    • New accounts are given 6 Classic Character Cards.
    • Talents are now grouped by category within the new talent UI.
    • Ace talents can be obtained by purchasing an Ace Card through the Web Shop or upon rebirth for 39 Pon.
    • Video has been added for Martial Arts and Close Combat Talents.
  • Tutorial Quests
    • Updated tutorial for newly created characters.
      • “Fighting Lessons” quest with Master Tin has been removed and replaced with “The Basics” quest. This quest is not required.
      • “Controls Tutorial” quest is given to provide basic information for users on how to use the keyboard and mouse controls to play Mabinogi.
        • Upon completion, a 5x5 Medium-Sized Beginner Bag is distributed as a reward.
      • "Combat and You" quest has been added for teaching users how to use the combat system.
    • Talent quests are now assigned when interacting with the bulletin board. This is not required.

Rebirth Update

  • A free rebirth will now be available on a weekly basis, regardless of cumulative level.
  • Beginner benefits have been extended from cumulative level 300 to 1,000 and receive the following benefits:
    • Daily Nao Soul Stones are given
    • Daily Rebirths
      • This does not stack with the free weekly rebirths.
    • Skills can be reset with Duncan in Tir Chonaill.
    • Pets now receive Nao's Blessing buffs.
    • Daily Shadow Crystals are given.
    • A new title is given when giving heart stickers to friends, called "the Courteous."
  • The new talent selection UI is visible during rebirth.
  • New appearances are selected within the new appearance selection UI.
    • Character Cards are no-longer used in order to change appearances during rebirth
  • If rebirthing is unavailable, a pop-up window will notify you upon clicking the rebirth button.


  • The appearance UI has been merged into a single menu, fashioned after the Dressing Room UI.
  • New appearance UI is shown during Character Creation, Rebirth, Partner Creation, or when using the Dressing Room.
  • Color palette is now visible when altering appearance.
    • Elves can now choose black as a hair color.
    • Humans and Giants can now choose Ice Blue as a hair color.
  • New appearances are marked with "N" on the top left.
  • Premium appearances are marked with "P" on the top left.
  • Coupon appearances are marked with "C"on the top left.
  • You can now restore your appearance to default with a new button.
    • The Restore button will reset appearances for the tab selected to default.
    • The Restore All button will reset appearances for all tabs to default.
  • 3D models icons now accompany appearance alteration, so you can view your changes in real time.
  • All premium and coupon appearances will cost Pon.
    • Once all changes are made, a window will appear breaking down the Pon cost from premium and or coupon selections.

New/Revamped Features

  • The Moon Gate Book is a new item that can be acquired by completing Combat Master Tin's Quest.
    • Clicking on a gate will teleport you to its location.
      • Cannot be traded, discarded or stored in the bank or pet inventory.
    • The Tir Chonaill Stone is a new item that can teleport characters to the Tir Chonaill Town Square.
      • Acquired by completing the "Missing Townsfolk" quest.
      • Cannot be traded, discarded or stored in the bank or pet inventory.
    • The Quest Tracker has been added.
      • Displays up to 5 quests without the need for a scroll bar. If more quests are added, a scroll bar will be added.
      • An "X" button to the left of each quest can be clicked to remove it from the Quest Tracker.
      • A “C” button to the left of each quest indicates when the quest is complete.
      • Check boxes have been added to the Quest window in order to add or remove quests to the Quest Tracker.
    • Character Cards are no longer used for rebirthing.
      • Unused character cards can be disenchanted for Pon and a Gift Box.
        • Only select character cards can be disenchanted.
        • The following cards cannot be disenchanted:
          • Assistant Card (Elf/Giant)
          • Warrior's Destiny Card (Human/Elf /Giant)
          • Ranger's Destiny Card (Human/Elf /Giant)
          • Mage's Destiny Card (Human/Elf /Giant)
          • Alchemist's Destiny Card (Human/Elf /Giant)
          • Hero Card (Human/Elf /Giant)
          • Elite Hero Card (Human/Elf /Giant)
      • Amount of Pon and type of Gift Box awarded varies depending on which card was disenchanted.

    Known Issues

    • The fashion statues will not appear correctly until after the next fashion contest.
    • A warning for Premium Looks will appear when opening the dressing room even when no changes have been made.
    • Pool Tubes are displayed incorrectly when the character rests.
    • The Funky Doctor, Sultry Nurse, and Doctor outfits are missing from the Dressing room.