[Update] Festive Holiday Sales! 50% off Wintry pets added!

ANNOUNCE 12/10/2014 10:22:03 PM

The holidays are near, so let's prepare with festive cheer! We have alpacas, merry outfits and all-new items, including dye ampoules for your favorite pet. Stay warm and be stylish this holiday season with Mabinogi's Festive Holiday Sales!

Return of Winter Pets

Sale Dates: Wednesday, Dec. 17 - Tuesday, Jan. 6
Snow Tiger Reindeer Crystal Deer
    Price: 15,000 7,500 NX
    Price: 6,700 3,350 NX
    Price: 15,000 7,500 NX

Cooler weather calls for cooler pets. Seasonal favorites return for a limited time, including the Snow Tiger, Reindeer, and Crystal Deer, all 50% off! Adopt a wintry friend today and save big!

Alpaca Pet Cards

Sale Dates: Thursday, Dec. 11 - Tuesday, Jan. 6
Alpaca Christmas Alpaca
    Price:9,900 NX
    Price:9,900 NX

Love your Alpaca? You'll love the Christmas Alpaca just as much too! These adorable pets will warm your heart any time of the year!

Known Issues:
  • Reigns cross unnaturally when using an Alpaca Wagon for Commerce.
  • Changing maps while riding an Alpaca causes the pet to become non-responsive. This affects the ability to mount, call or say commands, and skills.

Santa's Helper Outfit Box

Sale Dates: Thursday, Dec. 11 - Tuesday, Jan. 6
Santa's Helper Outfit Box (M/F)
    Price:4,900 NX

You'll Get:
  • Santa's Helper Hat
  • Santa's Helper Outfit
  • Santa's Helper Shoes

Note: The Santa's Helper Outfit comes in preset colors; see the above images for reference.

Holiday Gachapon

Sale Dates: Thursday, Dec. 11 - Wednesday, Jan. 14
Holiday Gachapon
Holiday Gachapon
    Price:1,200 NX
    Price:12,000 NX

The Holiday Gachapon is filled with so many stocking stuffers it's about to burst! Open one up and you could find the brand new Snowflake outfit with jolly idle animation or fixed pet dye ampoules!

New and Notable Items:
  • Holy Guardian Angel Wings
  • Tiny Holy Guardian Angel Wings
  • Fallen Angel Wings
  • Tiny Fallen Angel Wings
  • Lively Snowflake Coat (with idle animation)
  • Lovely Snowflake Coat (without idle animation)
  • Lovely Snowflake Hat
  • Lovely Snowflake Gloves
  • Solar Glory Instruments
  • Flying Puppet Orb (contains 7 puppets)
  • Frozen Fairy Flying Puppet (new, cosmetic only)
  • Morrighan Flying Puppet (cosmetic only)
  • Neamhain Flying Puppet (cosmetic only)
  • Cichol Flying Puppet (cosmetic only)
  • Macha Flying Puppet (cosmetic only)
  • Shadow Bat Flying Puppet (cosmetic only)
  • Belisha Support Puppet
  • Odd-Eye Belisha Support Puppet
  • Permanent Combo Card Coupon
  • Lovely Snowflake Boots
  • Fixed Pet Dye Ampoule
  • Familiar Festive Favorites:
  • Snowboarding Outfit Set
  • Figure Skating Outfit Set
  • Nutcracker and Swan Lake Outfits
  • Christmas Chair
  • Snowboard
  • Christmas-Themed Second Titles

The Holiday Gachapon has a secondary item included. You are guaranteed to get one of the following items in a stack of 3:
  • Shadow Crystal
  • Fine Shadow Crystal
  • Finest Fine Shadow Crystal
  • Potent Shadow Crystal
  • Potent Fine Shadow Crystal
  • Potent Finest Fine Shadow Crystal.

Note: Included outfits have randomly generated colors.