G20 Gachapon

ANNOUNCE 4/14/2016 12:00:00 AM

G20 is here, and a brand new Gachapon has come with! The G20 Gachapon contains a wide selection of items, such as Wigs, Weapons, Fan T-Shirts, Transformation Medals and a brand new set of rare items, including a range of Glass Wings, gloriously colorful items sure to make your Milletians a wonder to behold!

G20 Gachapon

Sale Dates: Thursday, Apr. 14 - Tuesday, May 17

G20 Gachapon (1)
    Price: 1,500 NX

G20 Gachapon (11)
    Price: 15,000 NX

G20 Gachapon Contents

Shadow Crystals:
Each G20 Gachapon will contain one of the following, in addition to the main item

  • 3x Fine Shadow Crystals
  • 3x Finest Shadow Crystals
  • 3x Potent Shadow Crystals
  • 3x Potent Fine Shadow Crystals
  • 3x Potent Finest Shadow Crystals

Primary G20 Gachpaon Contents
In addition to three Shadow Crystals, each G20 Gachapon will contain a random item from the following list

New and Rare Items

  • Sunrise Glass Wings
  • Twilight Glass Wings
  • Sky Glass Wings
  • Forest Glass Wings
  • Cherry Blossom Glass Wings
  • Casywn Wig
  • Pihne Wig
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal: Pihne
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal: Caswyn
  • I <3 Talvish Tee
  • I <3 Avelin Tee
  • I <3 Altam Tee
  • Diamond Wings
  • Black Diamond Wings
  • Yellow Diamond Wings
  • Pink Diamond Wings
  • Blue Diamond Wings

Outfits and Accessories

  • Altam Wig
  • Avelin Wig
  • Talvish Wig
  • Brilluen Wig and Horn (M)
  • Brilluen Wig (M)
  • Brilluen Wig and Horn (F)
  • Brilluen Wig (F)
  • Brilluen Tail Suit (M)
  • Brilluen Claus Shoes (M)
  • Brilluen Half Gloves (M) or (F)
  • Brilluen Tail Dress (F)
  • Brilluen Bootie Heels (F)
  • Altam Armor
  • Altam Greves
  • Altam Gauntlets
  • Avelin Armor
  • Avelin Greaves
  • Avelin Gauntlets
  • Talvish Armor
  • Talvish Greaves
  • Talvish Gauntlets
  • Battleborn Outfit (M)¬†or (F)
  • Battleborn Gloves (M) or (F)
  • Battleborn Shoes (M) or F)
  • Battleborn Helmet (M) or (F)
  • I </3 Ferghus Tee
  • I <3 Nao Tee
  • I <3 Lorna Tee
  • I <3 Simon Tee
  • Lorna Balloon (#5)
  • Pan Balloon (#5)

Special Dyes

  • Sanctuary Fixed Color Dye Ampoule: Casywn Blue
  • Sanctuary Fixed Color Dye Ampoule: Pihne Green
  • Sanctuary Fixed Color Dye Ampoule: Altam Orange
  • Sanctuary Fixed Color Dye Ampoule: Avelin Mauve
  • Sanctuary Fixed Color Dye Ampoule: Talvish Blonde
  • Sanctuary Fixed Color Dye Ampoule: White
  • Sanctuary Fixed Color Dye Ampoule: Blue/Black
  • Sanctuary Fixed Color Dye Ampoule: Silver
  • Sanctuary Fixed Color Dye Ampoule: Black


  • Valkyrie Shield
  • Sword of the Goddess
  • Eweca and Ladeca Spell Book
  • Eweca and Palala Spell Book
  • Ladeca and Palala Spell Book
  • Eweca's Light Short Sword
  • Ladeca's Light Short Sword
  • Full Moon Eweca Shield
  • Full Moon Ladeca Shield

Transformation Medals

  • Shamala's Transformation Medal: Altam
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal: Avelin
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal: Talvish
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal: Awakened Tarlach
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal: Revived Ruairi
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal: Young Tarlach
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal: Alexina
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal: Macha
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal: Ruairi
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal: Robed Ruairi
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal: Ferghus
  • Cicada Red-Black Dye Ampoule
  • Cicada Purple-Black Dye Ampoule
  • Cicada Green-Black Dye Ampoule
  • Cicada Teal-Black Dye Ampoule
  • Cicada Black-Red Dye Ampoule
  • Cicada Black-Purple Dye Ampoule
  • Cicada Black-Green Dye Ampoule
  • Cicada Black-Teal Dye Ampoule

2nd Title Coupons

  • Mabinogi 2nd Title Coupon
  • Kristell 2nd Title Coupon
  • Tarlach 2nd Title Coupon
  • Ruairi 2nd Title Coupon
  • Mari 2nd Title Coupon
  • Morrighan 2nd Title Coupon
  • Dark Ruairi 2nd Title Coupon
  • Nao 2nd Title Coupon
  • Ferghus 2nd Title Coupon
  • Pan 2nd Title Coupon
  • Merlin 2nd Title Coupon
  • Starlet 2nd Title Coupon
  • Professor J 2nd Title Coupon
  • Culinary Artist 2nd Title Coupon
  • Treasure Hunter 2nd Title Coupon

Bags and Goldboxes

  • Lorna's Goldbox
  • Pan's Goldbox
  • devCAT Bag 10x10 (Coupon)
  • devCAT Bag 8x8 (Coupon)


  • 3x Red Upgrade Stones
  • 3x Blue Upgrade Stones
  • Rusty Hammer of Proficiency
  • Platinum Hammer of Durability
  • Golden Hammer of Durability
  • 3x Commerce Reforging Tool
  • 3x Advanced Reforging Tool
  • Various Pet Fixed Dye Ampoules
  • Various Fixed Color Metal Dye Ampoules