Ride the Scooter Imp

ANNOUNCE 5/27/2016 12:00:00 AM

Ride around in style with the Scooter Imp! This brand new pet is here to usher you around in style, letting you lounge in the side-car all the while! Make the scooter the color you want and ride off in to the sunset, but don't tarry: this special pet is only around until June 15th!

Scooter Imp

Sale Dates: Friday, May 27 - Wednesday, Jun. 15

Scooter Imp
    Price: 14,900 NX

Scooter Imp Details:
  • Scooter Imp has 3 dye-able parts:
    • Body
    • Trim
    • Seat & Bag
  • Headlights are on at night and off during the day.
  • Scooter Imp comes with two items in the Pet Inventory:
    • Scooter Helmet (Random colors)
    • Your Pet Book
  • Awesome new Pet Skills unique to the Scooter Imp:
    • Oil Squirt: Scooter Imp stuns and damages enemies when summoned
    • Tiny Jibes: Inflicts Defense/Protection debuffs to enemies wtihin 8 meters
    • Farwell Surprise: Damages nearby enemies when the Scooter Imp is dismissed
    • Running Boost: After moving for a short time, speeds up as the Imp flies off his seat