Return of Samhain!

ANNOUNCE 12/15/2016 12:00:00 AM

Samhain (pronounced sah-WIN): The end of the celtic year. To the ancient Celts, this was a time of celebrations, of costumes, of sacrificing crops to give the Gods and Goddesses their share of the bounty, the distant origin of the modern Halloween...

...but as the Milletians know all too well, Samhain is when the veil between their world and the next one is as thin as possible, and the spirits of those that failed to reach Erinn so long ago still linger...

The Samhain event is back for the end of the year once again! For the next month, you can return to complete the Samhain storyline, not to mention gather a cache of H-Coins and S-Coins to spend in the updated Samhain shop!

Samhain - 1st and 2nd Movements

Event Dates: Thursday, Dec. 15 - Tuesday, Jan. 17

Event Details:

  • Speak to Kristell, the priestess of Dunbarton, and lend your aid to help avert the premonition of danger awaiting the bright young sailor Shenon
  • Gain H-Coins by completing the quests throughout the Samhain story
  • Take your coins to Adventurer Caravan Joe to exchange for prizes!

H-Coin Rewards:

  • 3x H-Coins: H-Coin Box
  • 80x H-Coins: Winter Messenger Outfit (M/F)
  • 70x H-Coins: Birman Mini Pouch Coupon
  • 50x H-Coins: Birman Flat Pouch Coupon
  • 50x H-Coins: Birman Knapsack Coupon
  • 30x H-Coins: Birman Clutch Coupon
  • 30x H-Coins: Birman Vertical Tote Coupon
  • 30x H-Coins: Winter Messenger Shoes (M/F)
  • 15x H-Coins: Winter Messenger Bracelet (M)

S-Coin Rewards:

  • 3x S-Coins: S-Coin Box
  • 65x S-Coins: Sion and Shenon Friends Forever 2nd Title Coupon
  • 40x S-Coins: Tribal Bird Robe Sewing Pattern Box
  • 20x S-Coins: Sion 2nd Title Coupon
  • 20x S-Coins: Shenon 2nd Title Coupon
  • 15x S-Coins: Tribal Bird Bracelet

Samhain Hot Days

The new story means a new set of giveaways! For four weekends, starting on December 26th, we're giving out S-Coins and H-Coins to everyone that logs into Mabinogi. Each Hot Day starts and ends at Midnight, PST, so make sure you get all your coins.

Hot Day Rewards
Saturday, Dec. 24
  • 5x H-Coins
  • 3x S-Coins
Sunday, Dec. 25
  • 5x H-Coins
  • 3x S-Coins
Saturday, Dec. 31
  • 5x H-Coins
  • 3x S-Coins
Sunday, Jan. 1
  • 5x H-Coins
  • 3x S-Coins
Saturday, Jan. 7
  • 5x H-Coins
  • 3x S-Coins
Sunday, Jan. 8
  • 5x H-Coins
  • 3x S-Coins
Saturday, Jan. 14
  • 5x H-Coins
  • 3x S-Coins
Sunday, Jan. 15
  • 5x H-Coins
  • 3x S-Coins

Note: Must login or change channels in order to receive the Hot Day reward.