Music Skill Booster Pack

ANNOUNCE 12/15/2016 12:00:00 AM

MusicQ is here and you'll want to get your Music skills up to snuff in order take full advantage of it! The Music Skill Booster Pack is the long-overdue package to improve all of your musical talents, and it's available for good!

Music Skill Booster Pack

Permanent Start Date: Thursday, Dec. 15

Music Booster Pack
    Price: 5,000 NX

Music Skill Booster Pack Contains the Following:
  • 1x Tiger Doll Bag
  • 25x Double Music EXP Potions (10 min)
  • 10x Music Training Seals (10)
  • 2x Instrument Spray Paints
  • 20x Chocolate Chip Cookies of Dexterity
  • 5x Full Recovery Potions
  • 10x Remote Blacksmith Coupons
  • 5x Free Repair Kits

Notice: Only 1 transaction per character