The Winter Attendance Event is back!

ANNOUNCE 11/29/2018 9:14:53 AM

Winter is almost here! We're bringing out another attendance event to mark the days! There's new items up for grabs, so make sure to hop on and get those stamps. Check out the full details below!

Winter Attendance Event

Event Dates: Thursday, December 6th, After Maintenance - Thursday, January 10th, Before Maintenance

Event Details:

  • Log in to Mabinogi with a character above Level 30 and speak with Caravan Joe located at the Dunbarton Statue to claim an Attendance Check Scroll, which will be used to record your attendance
  • Every day you login to Mabinogi on that character, you'll earn a stamp on that scroll after spending one in-game day (36 minutes) online

Event Prizes:

  • Day 1: 3x Nao's Soul Stone
  • Day 2: Name/Chat Color Change Potion (Event)
  • Day 3: 5x Super Sticky Taffy
  • Day 4: 3x Full Recovery Potion (Event)
  • Day 5: 1x Special Tendering Potion S (Event) (30 Days)
  • Day 6: 3x Guardian Soul Stone (Event)
  • Day 7: 1x Rebirth Potion (Event) (7 Days)
  • Day 8: 1x Perfect Skill Reset Capsule (Event) (7 Days)
  • Day 9: 1x Golden Hammer of Durability
  • Day 10: 1x Fixed Dye Ampoule Gachapon
  • Day 11: 5x Full Recovery Potion (Event)
  • Day 12: 10x Super Sticky Mochi
  • Day 13: 1x Unlimited Shadow Mission Pass
  • Day 14: 5x Guardian Soul Stone (Event)
  • Day 15: Chic Wig Box (Wig rewarded based off of gender.)
  • Day 16: 1x Rusty Hammer of Proficiency
  • Day 17: 1x Artisan Upgrade Removal Kit
  • Day 18: 1x Finest Shadow Crystal
  • Day 19: 1x Special Tendering Potion S (Event) (30 Days)
  • Day 20: 1x Baltane Mission Elite Pass Box
  • Day 21: 3x Baltane Mission Crystal
  • Day 22: 10x Pon
  • Day 23: Direct Dye Ampoule (Event)
  • Day 24: 1x Pet Adoption Medal
  • Day 25: Chic Outfit Box (Set rewarded based off of gender.)