[UPDATED] Imperial Commander Box

ANNOUNCE 6/8/2018 11:34:29 AM

It's time to take command with the new Imperial Commander Box! Open one up today to have a chance to get a Imperial Commander Uniform, powerful new enchants, or a Deputy Commander Uniform! Check out the full details here!

Update: Incorrect gesture cards were listed under the 'New List' and have been replaced with the correct gesture cards. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Imperial Commander Box

Sale Dates: Thursday, June 14, After Maintenance - Thursday, July 12, Before Maintenance

Imperial Commander Box
Imperial Commander Box
Imperial Commander Box
    Price: 1,500 NX
    Price: 15,000 NX
    Price: 57,500 NX

Item Details:

When you open a Imperial Command Box, you will receive a Nele Music Renown Seal (Quantity: 3), Briana Music Renown Seal (Quantity: 3), or a Yvona Music Renown Seal (Quantity: 3) and a random item from the list blow.

New Items

Additional Items

  • Anguish Gesture Card
  • Humble Gesture Card
  • Rabble Gesture Card
  • Search Gesture Card
  • Stylish Gesture Card
  • Promote Gesture Card
  • Squee Gesture Card
  • Fluffy Puppy Tail
  • Fluffy Kitty Tail
  • Fluffy Fox Tail
  • Fluffy Squirrel Tail
  • Fluffy Tiger Tail
  • Celtic Royal Knight Sword
  • Celtic Royal War Hammer
  • Celtic Royal Warrior Hammer
  • Celtic Royal Battle Axe
  • Celtic Royal Warrior Axe
  • Celtic Royal Crossbow
  • Celtic War Hammer
  • Celtic Warrior Hammer
  • Celtic Battle Axe
  • Celtic Warrior Axe
  • Celtic Crossbow
  • Ruby Adorned Alchemist Suit (M)
  • Ruby Adorned Alchemist Suit (F)
  • Ruby Adorned Alchemist Beret (M)
  • Ruby Adorned Alchemist Beret (F)
  • Ruby Adorned Alchemist Gloves (M)
  • Ruby Adorned Alchemist Cuffs (F)
  • Ruby Adorned Alchemist Boots (M)
  • Ruby Adorned Alchemist Boots (F)
  • Anti-Fomor Boots (M)
  • Anti-Fomor Boots (F)
  • Anti-Fomor Earrings (M)
  • Anti-Fomor Earrings (F)
  • Anti-Fomor Robe
  • Anti-Fomor Uniform (M)
  • Anti-Fomor Uniform (F)
  • Siren Mini Dress
  • Siren Boots
  • Volcano Cylinder (Enchant: Synergy and Magma)
  • Hurricane Cylinder (Enchant: Safeguard and Breeze)
  • Tidal Wave Cylinder (Enchant: Moist and Wave)
  • Liberty Saber (Reforge: Rank 2)
  • Dragon Shield (Reforge: Rank 2)
  • Romeo's Rapier
  • Royal Pumpkin Rapier (Enchant: Lich and Barbarian)
  • Glory Sword (Enchant: Lich and Spike)
  • Knight Lance (Enchant: Siege and Penetrating)
  • Trinity Staff (Enchant: Mana Conjuerer)
  • Devil Slayer (Enchant: Untamed and Spike)
  • Dragon Fang (Enchant: Untamed and Spike)
  • Fairy Feather Bow (Enchant: Glorius and Sniping)
  • Devil Slayer (Enchant: Lich and Crocodile)
  • Highlander Claymore (Enchant: Wolf Hunter's and Counter)
  • Highlander Long Bow (Enchant: Snowfall and Skilled)
  • Physis Wooden Lance (Enchant: Wolf Hunter's and Energetic)
  • Krutta Broad Sword (Reforge: Rank 1)
  • Dowra's Golden Gun (Reforge: Rank 1)
  • Black Star (Reforge: Rank 1)
  • Muramasa
  • Devil Slayer (Enchant: Untamed and Spike) (Reforge: Rank 1)
  • Barbaric Fox Scythe (Enchant: Untamed and Spike) (Reforge: Rank 1)
  • Admiral Owen's Marine Uniform
  • Admiral Owen Wig
  • Admiral Owen's Open-Finger Gloves
  • Hebona Gloves
  • Hebona Robe
  • Fallen Fairy Gloves (M)
  • Fallen Fairy Gauntlets (F)
  • Fallen Fairy Sneakers (M)
  • Fallen Fairy Boots (F)
  • Platinum Hammer of Durability
  • Enchant Scroll (Suffix: Belligerent)
  • Enchant Scroll (Prefix: Fist)
  • Enchant Scroll (Prefix: Nostalgic)
  • Enchant Scroll (Prefix: Moderato)
  • Enchant Scroll (Suffix: Owl)
  • Enchant Scroll (Suffix: Uncomfortable)
  • Enchant Scroll (Prefix: Small)
  • Enchant Scroll (Prefix: Vicious)
  • Enchant Scroll (Suffix: Inconvenient)
  • Rusty Hammer of Proficiency
  • Dual Gun Master Training Potion
  • Flash Launcher Training Potion
  • Grapple Shot Training Potion
  • Bullet Slide Training Potion
  • Shooting Rush Training Potion
  • Bullet Storm Training Potion
  • Reload Training Potion
  • Way of the Gun Training Potion
  • Combo: Charging Strike Training Potion
  • Combo: Focused Fist Training Potion
  • Combo: Spinning Uppercut Training Potion
  • Combo: Somersault Kick Training Potion
  • Combo: Pummel Training Potion
  • Combo: Drop Kick Training Potion
  • Combo Mastery Training Potion
  • Red Upgrade Stone (Quantity: 3)
  • Blue Upgrade Stone (Quantity: 3)
  • Lord Pass (All)
  • Magical Instrument Dye (Hexes: #ECE9E5, #F0B75F, #2C2C3F, #BD9541, or #AC2314)
  • Fixed Dye Ampoules (Hexes: #ECE9E5, #F0B75F, #2C2C3F, #BD9541, or #AC2314)