Mabinogi Aces: Starlet

ANNOUNCE 12/16/2013 1:44:54 PM
She’s taken Erinn by storm, lighting up venues and inspiring followers the world over. A new age of music is on the rise, and Starlet’s fabulous talents have taken center stage.

The second of the new supercharged Hero talents, these singing sensations begin as an Aspiring Maestro, Aspiring Puppeteer, and Aspiring Cleric (all titles given) and are born masters of the Song, Encore, and Fantastic Chorus special skills. Soul Stars also have access to the Hero Support System, and can gift the extra AP they earn to associated characters on that account.

Harmonious New Skills


Muster all your gusto and inspire your allies acapella style! When you first start singing, you’ll need a one or two-handed microphone to have any effect, but train your vocal chords enough and you’ll free your hands for other uses. Just remember, it’s all in the diaphragm – project and even the fans in the nosebleed seats will adore you!


Send your band back on stage for one last ballad! With Encore, all allies in an area-of-effect radius will be rejuvenated, and their skills will be refreshed. Get them back out there for one last riff!

Fantastic Chorus

Settle into the swing of the action and let the music flow. Mesmerize your foes with your catchy lyrics, and sling out skills in fast succession. Activate Fantastic Chorus and belt out verse after verse before the timer runs out.

Chorus Action

It’s a social world, and when Soul Stars aren’t tearing up the countryside, they’re lighting up concert halls. Join the band despite your fumbling fingers and sing backup or lead in either practice or performance.

Fine-tune Your Skills

All Soul Star heroes experience a 2X training boost to a select set of related skills. They also begin their path with HP +10, Dexterity +10, and Stamina +10, and see a sweet progression bonus every time they level up or age so long as the Soul Star talent remains active.

When level increases:

  • Stamina +0.25
  • Intelligence +0.25
  • Dexterity +0.5

  • When aging:

  • Stamina +1
  • Intelligence +1
  • Dexterity +2

  • 2x Skill Training:

  • Playing Instrument
  • Composing
  • Enthralling performance
  • Dischord
  • Encore
  • Chorus
  • Battlefield Overture
  • Lullaby
  • Vivace
  • Enduring Melody
  • Harvest Song
  • March Song
  • Song
  • Control Marionette
  • Pierrot Marionette
  • Colossus Marionette Bolt
  • Act II: Threshold Cutter
  • Act I: Inciting Incident
  • Act IV: Rising Action
  • Act Vi: Crises
  • Act VII: Climactic Crash
  • Act IX: Invigorating Encore
  • Wire Pull
  • Puppet's Snare
  • Healing
  • Party Healing
  • First Aid
  • Mana Shield
  • Meditation
  • Magic Mastery
  • Natural Shield
  • Lightning Shield
  • Ice Shield
  • Fire Shield
  • Shock Wave

  • Perfectionists won't be satisfied until they've earned the prestigious Soul Star Talent Sigil. To earn this, one must achieve Master of Cleric, Master of Puppetry, and Master of Bard talent levels, then accomplish the Grandmastery requirements set by Lezarro.

    New Music Features

    Mabinogi has never been more musical, and if you’re new to the scene this is the best time to pick up an instrument and play!

    More Musicians

    Jam sessions now fully support up to eight bandmates. Enjoy all your friends' unique musical talents, whether you’re huddled up in a homestead or performing proudly for the masses. Utilize the new Chorus Action to add in back-up vocals or a sexy lead.

    More Instruments

    Wireless and Standing Microphones, Pianos, Cellos, and Violins have all come to Erinn and are helping Mabi-musicians create brand new sounds. Whatever your tonal tool of choice may be, Instrument Dye Ampoules and the all new Instrument Paint Spray allow you to tailor it to match your style. 

    More concerned about functionality than fashion? Instrument Upgrades let you swap out the bridge, improve the strings, or do whatever you need to do to get the effect you need.

    Microphones have their own set of upgrades, and Mics, Cellos, and Violins are eligible for both Gem and Artisan Upgrades.

    For more information, just talk to any of these friendly neighborhood NPCs:
    Endelyon, Walter, Lisa, Pierrick, Gilmore, Vanalen, Siobhanin, Granites, Effie, Galvin, or Zeder. 

    Everyone’s got a little rhythm in their soul, so let loose and sing from the rooftops! Worried out–of- tune noobs are going to ruin your delicate hearing? Now you can filter what open world music you hear via the Options > System > Sound menu.

    Introducing the Starlet Character Card

    There’s only one way to get the ultimate Starlet experience, and that’s with this limited edition Starlet Character Card. Follow Starlet from the very beginning, and come screaming into Erinn with some high-stylin’, eye-catching musical threads. The Starlet Outfit is only available via the Starlet Character Card, and comes complete with Clothes, Gloves, and Shoes, as well as Ear-cuffs if you select an Elf.

    The Era of the Bard

    Sing or play to earn a special 2x training boost on all bard skills . Play smartly and you’ll level up like nobody’s business.

    December 18 - January 7

    The Gift of Starlet

    You thought Oprah gives away sweet gifts to her audiences? A super special, super sexy microphone will be given to all players who show their love to Starlet on December 21st. You get a microphone, YOU get a microphone, EVERYONE'S GETTING A MICROPHONE!!

    Holiday Hide & Seek

    Don’t think we’ve forgotten our holiday cheer in the midst of Starlet’s awesomeness. Put on your favorite Christmas album and head over to Santa’s workshop for a little bit of Christmas chaos. Full details can be found below.

    Let Us Know Your Opinion

    Mabinogi is nothing without a passionate, dedicated community at its core. Merry Christmas Milletians – tell us your thoughts on all the new Starlet content and connect with your fellow community members in the official forum thread.