Beauty Shop – Before and After Contest

EVENT 6/19/2012 3:06:31 PM
The Beauty Shop is here and it’s time to get fabulous! Upgrade your looks in the Beauty Shop and then show us the transformation for a chance at NX 20,000!

Here are the guidelines:

• Between June 19 and July 3, 2012, take a screenshot of your Beauty Shop before and after image.
• Tell us what your changes were and why you picked them. Use your creativity and imagination!
• Email your before and after images side by side, your in-game character name, and server name to [] with “Beauty Shop - Before and After” as the subject.

• This event will run from June 19 – July 3, 2012. 
• Five winners will be awarded NX 20,000
• Multiple submissions, plagiarism, and inappropriate content (in the opinions of the judges) will be grounds for disqualification.
Get ready to be gorgeous!