Phoenix Rebirth Event

EVENTS 1/16/2013 11:22:22 AM

The Phoenix Rebirth Event is back and better than ever! Log in from January 17 – February 14, 2013 to receive a Phoenix Egg and a Gift from the Phoenix every day. The longer you stay in-game to take care of your egg, the better the prize!

The prizes range from Phoenix Feathers all the way up to the Finest Phoenix Gift Box. Read on for a peek at some of the red-hot prizes!

90 Day Phoenix Pet Whistle
Phoenix Ear Muff
Love Whistle
Adequate Nova Beam Sword
Adequate Jade Beam Sword
Adequate Starlight Beam Sword
Adequate Ruby Beam Sword
Adequate Rainbow Beam Sword
Nova Beam Sword
Jade Beam Sword
Starlight Beam Sword
Ruby Beam Sword
Rainbow Beam Sword
Shiny/Phoenix's Flame - 2 types of bundled Enchant Scrolls
Color/Phoenix's Rage - 2 types of bundled Enchant Scrolls
Tragic/Phoenix's Blessing - 2 types of bundled Enchant Scrolls
Hidden/Phoenix Wings - 2 types of bundled Enchant Scrolls
Fixed Color Dye Ampoule
Mysterious Phoenix Feather Sword
Phoenix's Spark
Phoenix's Rage
Phoenix Feather Sword
Phoenix's Blessing
Phoenix Wings
Phoenix Ear Muffs
Golden Hammer of Durability
Focused Nova Beam Sword
Focused Jade Beam Sword
Focused Starlight Beam Sword
Focused Ruby Beam Sword
Focused Rainbow Beam Sword
I Love You Gesture Coupon

What are you waiting for? Log in now and join the fun!

-The Mabinogi Team-