Memory Book Level 5000 Event

EVENTS 11/14/2018 11:20:34 AM

It's easier than ever to level up with the upcoming Memory Book Update! Once the update goes live on December 6th, just log in and get rewards on your way to level 5,000! Check out the full details below.

Memory Book Level 5000 Event

Event Dates: Thursday, December 6, After Maintenance - Thursday, January 10, Before Maintenance.

Event Details:

  • Every 500 cumulative levels that your character gains, you will receive a Talent Skill Training Seal Box.
  • When you open the box, you can get 10 Skill Training Seals(100)(Event) of a talent you choose.
  • You will keep receiving boxes until the character reaches cumulative level 5,000.
  • Characters that are already level 5,000 will not receive the reward.
  • The Memory Book Update goes live on December 6th!