Giant Renewal Celebration Event

ANNOUNCE 4/3/2019 2:45:15 PM

To celebrate the Giant Renewal Update, party up with a giant and receive double combat experience! Check out the full details here. For more details on the Giant Renewal Update, check out the Patch Notes and the Microsite!

A Giant Opportunity!

Event Dates: Thursday, April 11, After Maintenance - Thursday, May 9, Before Maintenance

Event Details:

  • Join a party with a giant character and receive double combat experience benefits for the whole party!
  • The party must have 2 or more players.
  • The bonus will only be applied once, even if there are multiple giant characters in the party.
  • The bonus will end if the giant character leaves the party.
  • The bonus is applied in dungeon instances, and is not applied during field combat.
  • Combat Experience Bonus will stack with the following bonuses:
    • Yellow Prism
    • Combat EXP Potion
    • 'the Returned' title
    • Grandmaster Cleric
    • Divine Link - Enlightened Vision
    • Doll Bag's buff