Bard - Battlefield Maestro

MAINT 7/17/2012 4:58:36 PM
With the power of music, Bards reinforce their allies and strike down their enemies. Equip your Battle Mandolin and dive into battle, striking down foes with 7 new skills to help both you and your allies.

All races are ready to become Bards and can use any type of instrument available in Erinn. Also, not only does the Bard help out on the battlefield, but they help with everyday tasks. Need a boost to get to Iria faster? Or are you failing too much in production? Movement speed, pet speed, gathering speed, production success rate increase can be gained from the new destiny Bard!

Along with this new Destiny is a brand new questline to help you unlock the secrets of music.  Use those secrets and help out those in need!

The Enduring Melody floods the air with bold notes that Increase your allies' Defense and Protection and boost their Mana and Stamina recovery speeds. Make sure your allies can weather any battle!

" Speed is what you need, and speed is what the Bard can bring. Check out two of the bard's skill that increases speed for all in the party.

Increase your allies' Magic Charging Speed, Alchemy Casting Speed, and Attack Speed. Control the speed of battle and unleash a fury of attacks!

March Song
The March song imbues your allies and pets with extreme Movement Speed. Run circles around your opponents!
In a pinch? Musically fight your way through opponents using these offensive skills.

Attack an enemy with a discordant clash of notes. Dischord allows you to smash your opponent strongly with notes, reduces enemy Speed, and causes damage over time.

Battlefield Overture
Warm up the battlefield with this soothing overture that increases your allies' Minimum Attack, Maximum Attack, and Critical Chance. Surprise enemies with your party's heightened power!

The last two remaining skills are complete support! Support your party by helping them gather faster and succeed in everything you do. With these two skill, nothing can go wrong!

Harvest Song
Increase your allies' Gathering Success Rate, Production Success Rate, and Gathering Speed. Turn your team into masters of the harvest!

This lullaby is far from relaxing. Lullaby increases Stamina and has a chance to lull your enemies into a deep slumber. You'll also inflict increased Attack Damage on sleeping enemies.

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