• Falcon

    Price: 6,200 NX

    • When the owner commands this pet to 'Fetch', it flies off to fetch the item for the owner.
    • Inventory Size : 4 x 6

    With bulging eyes, a sharp beak that curves downward, and a hard, muscular frame, the falcon is known as one of the most agile and daring birds of Erinn.

    Spreading is dark wings in the air, this bird is fearless as it stands against any opponent that its owner commands to face. It is completely fitting that this bird is also known as the Prince of Birds.

    The falcon's boldness fares so far that some people are sometimes put off by the falcon, as if it is unnecessarily rough. But the falcon is a very loyal animal. The falcon is fully devoted to its owner's will and commands, never allowing any danger to come near its owner. With its ever-powerful set of wings that fly through Erinn, the falcon appears wherever and whenever its owner calls. You will have no more fears of facing monsters once you have this bird by your side.

    The inventory is a bit smaller compared to other birds, and the bird is smaller in stature. But the power of a mature falcon can more than make up for such deficiencies. The owner should help the falcon figure out how to find the opponent's weak spots so as to maximize its attack balance and rewards. Any owner of a pet falcon apparently will know this.

    Furthermore, according to falcon owners, most items that falcons bring back for its owner tend to be things that can make the owner stronger so keep a lookout.

    With the falcon, you will receive a bird training stick, to help train the falcon to sit on your wrist, as well as a pair of trainer's gloves to show off your new pet.

    Available Skills

    • Rest: The bird will fly to its master's arm and rest when the master commands 'Come' or 'Sit'.
    • Combat Mastery
    • Critical Hit
    • Defense
    • Smash
    • Counterattack
    • Healing : Available when the animal reaches Level 6
    • Ice Bolt : Available when the animal reaches Level 4
    • First Aid

    Summoning Time 98 minutes / Life 48 / MP 27 / Stamina 44 / Strength 24 / Intelligence 15 / Dexterity 18 / Will 25 / Luck 14 / Inventory Size 4 x 6