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  • I have a Mac, can I run Mabinogi?

    You will need to use Windows OS in order to run Mabinogi.

  • What are the Minimum Specs to Play?

    If your system doesn't meet the recommended requirements, the game will either fail to run or will operate at a sub-par performance. For an ideal gaming experience, your PC should meet or exceed the specifications below.

  • How Do I Start Playing?

    First, download the Nexon Launcher, your pathway to all of Nexon's titles, and login with your Nexon account. Then select Mabinogi on the "All Games" page and go to the game page and click on "Play Now" to download and install Mabinogi.

    The Nexon Launcher will automatically download and install any updates to Mabinogi, and let you launch the game client and reach your characters without having to login again!