The Saga - Iria

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Episode 10

September 3, 2013

Divine Fury: The Advent

The destruction of Lia Fail releases and Goddess Macha is about to wipe out Iria. Are you able to defeat Goddess Macha and save Erinn? Watch the final episode to see what happens.


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Toughen up with the new Field Quest System, a Daily Raid Quest that pits you against ten bosses and an army of minions! If you and your friends manage to survive the onslaught, you'll be handsomely rewarded thanks to the new Field Raid Mechanics that reward you regardless of whether you focused on damaging enemies or protecting the party.

New Talent: Gunslinger

The Dual Gun has made its way to Mabinogi, but not just any Milletian can wield it! You'll have to learn the Gunslinger Talent before you learn the way of the gun. The Gunslinger Talent is also bringing 16 new Talent Titles, 8 new Master Titles, new tutorials, and new Grand master Quests to Erinn.

Life Skills and Harvesting Zones

Find new materials at the ancient Hillwen Mine and the beautiful Shyllien Nature Reserve then turn them into awesome gear with four new Life Skills: Hillwen Engineering, Magic Craft, Rare Mineralogy, and Shyllien Ecology.

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