Eiren, the Sealed Hero...
Eiren is an Ace hero sealed deep inside a dungeon... Only you can sense her presence, because like her, you may live with a dormant Sluagh spirit inside. But your Sluagh will awaken if you feed it Dorcha, the darkness you can leech from the souls of your enemies with your powerful new Chain Blade. After you release Eiren, search for clues to the secret of Bachram. You might even learn something about what the Fomors are up to. After all, there must be a reason why they tried to snatch Eiren’s power away from her...
Chain Slash Skills
  • Dorcha Mastery

    You consume Dorcha to perform Chain Slash skills, but to do that effectively, you'll need to call upon your own inner strength, known as Bachram. Since it is your own inner strength, Bachram keeps the hostile Sluagh spirit under control. As your Bachram gauge fills, it restores HP, MP, and Stamina, and it resets the cooldown of many skills. And finally, a Bachram Boost will quickly refuel your Dorcha. Now, go forth and Chain Slash!
  • Chain Blade Mastery

    You can use the Chain Blade to manage your Dorcha. Practice this skill often, and its efficiency will increase. Practice makes perfect!
  • Dorcha Snatch

    The most rudimentary of Chain Blade attacks. It doesn't do great damage, but it does effectively increase your Dorcha. Attack speed varies depending on distance. If you defeat the enemy with a Lucky Finish, you'll gain 3 Dorcha. If you defeat the enemy with a Huge Lucky Finish, you'll gain the maximum amount of Dorcha possible!
  • Chain Impale

    Among all the Chain Slash skills, this one attacks the fastest. With enough Dorcha, enemies will drop like flies whenever you use this attack!
  • Spinning Slash

    A skill that pulls in a mass of enemies, pounds them, and then flings them away from you. This technique is especially awesome when combined with an AoE skill.
  • Chain Sweep

    A skill that simultaneously attacks multiple enemies. Use this skill to knock them down like the helpless pins they are, and then deal damage at your leisure!
  • Anchor Rush

    Plant the Chain Blade in a target and pull yourself to that target in an instant! You can use this skill even when you are stunned.
  • Chain Crush

    Snatch up enemies to remove their ability to use magic or alchemy, leaving them defenseless while they're in the clutches of your chain! Then, you bring on the hurt!
  • Death Mark

    Imbues the Chain Blade with Dorcha power, and curses a target with the mark of death. Whenever enemies with the mark of death upon them are attacked, a blast occurs, which attracts more enemies. The one with the mark of death also receives increased damage! Luckily for that guy, the mark of death does not last forever.
  • Dorcha Conversion

    With this skill, you convert HP into Dorcha. Be careful with this one; don't bleed yourself dry in your desire for Dorcha!
Chain Blades


Leech this dark energy from your enemies when you attack them.

Then, consume that energy to use powerful Chain Slash skills!And don't worry, you can also increase your Dorcha with skills from other talents, not just Chain Slash.


This system increases the efficacy of party play! Build up powerful Bachram with all your party members.

Reset all cooldowns [Some skills excluded] (Reset skill cooldowns for all party members)

Full recovery for party members(Fully Restore Party Member's HP/MP/Stamina)

Unlimited use of Chain Slash skills(All party members automatically gain Dorcha at a greater speed)

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