Baltane Mission Overview
A Baltane Mission is a mission where you protect the Avalon Gate alongside the Baltane Squires. There's a great variety of Baltane Missions, so find the ones you like best!


  • Avalon Bridge
  • Knights of the Round Table
  • Nowhere to Run
  • Gatekeeper


  • This is a mission perfect for leveling up when you're anywhere between levels 60 and 99.
  • All monsters in the mission will be Normal or Strong.
  • Even if you do not clear the mission completely, you can receive rewards for each progression.
Entering Baltane Missions
  • Avalon Bridge
  • Nowhere to Run
  • Knights of the Round Table
  • Gatekeeper

Avalon Bridge

  1. Prevent the enemies from reaching their target!
  2. Assign different attack styles to each squire to get the upper hand during battle! (Attack styles: Close Combat, Archery, Judgment Blade)
  3. Use your deft moves and mad skills to stop enemies!

Nowhere to Run

  1. Fight against the endless slew of enemies in front of the bridge! (This mission has no success or fail conditions. Fight as much as you want within the time limit, and leave using the EXIT button.)
  2. Engage the squires' defenses so that all of you emerge victorious!
  3. Defend Avalon Gate from the endlessly spawning monsters!

Knights of the Round Table

  1. Retake the Round Table that's been captured by the enemy!
  2. Defend the retaken Round Table!
  3. Seal the charm and protect the Round Table! The squires can help you! [Tip] When reclaiming the Round Table, rewards vary based on the strength of the charm's seal.


  1. The enemy broke through the final line and is now invading the Avalon Gate! We must drive them back!
  2. Use the warp function to move wherever a battle is taking place!
  3. Watch out for enemies that appear in Avalon Gate Town Square!
Mission Rewards
  • Equipment and Skills
  • Mission Journal

Playing the Baltane Mission will allow you to complete the quests that grant you the skills below.

When you complete a Baltane Mission, you will get a journal of that mission.

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