Elite Mode Overview

Milletians! You and the squires are doing a marvelous job at defending Avalon Gate from all the mutants and reanimated corpses.

However, more powerful incarnations of these monstrosities are preparing to mount a huge attack, and they will use more advanced tactics this time.

Fighting them will be an Elite Mode Mission, a battle for the ages. Test your mettle, and protect Avalon Gate alongside [The Squires]!

Entering Elite Mode

Baltane Mission Elite Pass

Elite Mode Rewards

You have a chance of receiving a complete Divine Weapon from each mission! See the image below for a glimpe of items you can win!

You could get an Eweca Red Upgrade Stone, a Ladeca Blue Upgrade Stone, or the Chain Slash talent's finest Enchant Scrolls.

New Baltane Mission - Counterattack
  • Play Mission - Counterattack
  • Mission - Counterattack Features

Stage a counterattack with the squires!

  • 1. Travel in Erinn with the squires and strike back against forces of evil!
  • 2. Pair off the squires and send each pair to search in different regions!
  • 3. Move from area to area upon clearing battles, and find each mission's boss monster to get one step closer to completing the final mission!

Captain! Each squad combination yields a different [Bonus Effect]!

Pick 2 people to be in a Squire squad unit. Each potential pairing yields a different [Bonus Effect].

*You can manually select the squad combination and assign squads to battles.

You can help the squads during Counterattack, or you can move to another area, such as the boss's location.

New Baltane Mission - Siege Weapon
  1. Rescue the Baltane Squires that fell for the enemy's trap and got captured. The more squires you rescue, the greater your progress in the mission.
  2. Stop the enemies from entering Avalon Gate!
  3. Stop the enemy's plan of sending the Apostle through Avalon Gate! The mission fails if, by the end of 30 minutes, you have not prevented the Apostle's entry.